About | Visualize Care: Eye Care for Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Facilities

Superior service, caring staff, portable equipment

We bring a state-of-the-art doctor's office
right to your residents' bedsides.

Complete care and total compliance is in sight.


eye exams.


Direct billing to
patient insurance.


Licensed in NY, NJ and
CT, and expanding soon.


Total compliance with
physicians’ consult orders.


Expedient, onsite
eyeglass repairs.


100% verification of all
orders prior to consultation
via VisiTrack™.


Ophthalmologists are
called in to handle more
complex cases.


Internal audits and
quarterly reports to
verify compliance.

Extraordinary eye care
takes vision

Kind and caring staff see patients at
their bedsides to perform eye exams and
screenings, using cutting-edge
equipment and the latest techniques.

Appointment tracking
made easy

VisiTrack’s smart appointment
tracking means everyone who needs
to be seen is seen without delay.

Preventive care
takes vision

Efficient, proactive eye care, from initial
exam to follow up care can prevent the
need for surgery and hospitalization.

Full service, vision care compliance is in sight

Our company focuses on all things related to eye care for long-term care residents. We are fully compliant, use only the best portable equipment, and make scheduling fast and efficient.

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