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Helping you make informed decisions

Care begins with knowledge

Lab results contribute to 70% of all medical decisions. Centers Laboratory contributes 100% of the confidence and clarity you deserve, every single day.

Drug Level

Real time reporting of individual therapeutic drug levels enhances pharmacy and inventory control

Remote Data

Signature SmartChart tablets enable instant data sharing and care response

Results Recap

Daily, weekly or monthly reports of all critical/borderline results provide overview of population health and census mix

Lab Units

A network of 100+ fully equipped phlebotomists deliver point-of-care testing to aggressively reduce specimen processing latencies

Electronic Order Tracking

Error-proof online ordering; easy reorders; and long-term order tracking (up to 12 months in advance)

Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Testing

Today, antibiotic resistance is so widespread and so variable that susceptibility of any pathogen cannot be assumed. MIC’s are a must for clinicians to effectively and accurately prescribe correct doses of antibiotics. We at Centers Laboratory uniquely and proudly provide that edge.

Drug Presence Reporting

Antibiotics on cultures reported in cost- efficient manner to improve effectiveness of per-patient drug targeting. Coupled with MIC reporting, this service will directly and vastly improve your bottom line.

Automatic Test Rescheduling

In event of unobtained specimen, automatic rescheduling with notification ensures continuity of care

Pathological Report Review

All patient reports pass through in-house medical director for review, signoff and quality assurance

Upfront Reimbursement Data

Prospective payment system (PPS) information interfaced directly to most facility systems

24/7 Result Retrieval

Administration and care staff gain unfettered access to results via web and automated voice response

Monthly Biogram Reporting

Periodic and on-demand antimicrobial susceptibility reports improve infection control and prevention

Itemized Workload Reporting

Daily, weekly and monthly work-detail reports offer birdseye view of facility’s lab-use volume and clinical gains

Facility Wellness Training

In-service lectures on pertinent topics like infectiousness, bedside practices and more promote health and decrease risk

STAT Testing Available

Emergency testing of time-sensitive subjects and rapid result delivery available 365 days a year

Expedited Report Delivery

Centers Laboratory takes pride in the industry’s quickest lab report turnaround

Monthly Dietary Reports

Complimentary reports of patients’ nutritional values assist with food-related care improvements

Dor Yeshorim

Dor Yeshorim testing successfully eliminates the occurrence of debilitating genetic diseases in Jewish families through its genetic screening program.