VisiTrack | Visualize Care: Eye Care for Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Facilities


A revolutionary patient
management platform
with an eye on compliance

VisiTrack is a proactive, efficient and hassle free
system for confirming complete vision care compliance

VisiTrack verifies that proper eye care is scheduled for every resident in need. Our Daily Visit Roster helps verify MD orders before each onsite visit, minimizing staff involvement while ensuring timely care.

Our scheduling process and VisiTrack platform ensure facility compliance with doctor's orders and best practices, enhancing facility ratings and survey outcomes. It is the easy, economical, and trouble free way to provide compliant resident eye care.

Appointment scheduling

VisiTrack schedules appointments, guaranteeing that residents receive
an exam in a timely fashion.

Resident tracking

VisiTrack records all eye exams and dates
of service, and generates notifications when residents are due for their exams.

Prescription fulfillment

With VisiTrack, there is no delay in the fulfillment of prescription eyeglasses. Residents receive their glasses within 5-7 days of the prescription order.

Follow-up orders

Doctors’ orders and follow-ups are recorded directly into VisiTrack, making them simple to carry out and ensuring no resident falls through the cracks.

Once you use VisiTrack, you never go back

Once your staff begins to use the VisiTrack system they will never want to use anything else. It is the quick, efficient way manage vision care for your residents.

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