Services | Visualize Care: Eye Care for Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Facilities

What you see is what you getTM

The very best doctors, technicians, and equipment

Visualize hand picks, highly qualified optometrists, optometric
assistants, and ophthalmologists to conduct their eye exams and
we only use state-of-the-art portable equipment.

Full eye doctor experience

The physicians’ office comes to your facility to provide
residents with complete and comprehensive eye exams by
licensed optometrists.

VisiTrackTM platform

Ensures compliance with physicians’ consult orders
and best practices by combining resident tracking,
scheduling, prescription fulfillment, and follow up care.


Also known as vision tests, it will determine if a resident
needs glasses or has a change in their prescription.

Glaucoma screenings

We test internal eye pressure and monitor progression
of Glaucoma using advanced tonometry equipment.


Evaluate the back of the eye, including the retina,
optic disk, and underlying blood vessels.

Visual acuity testing

Determines a resident’s ability to see the details
of a letter or object from a specific distance.

Ophthalmology Services

Our ophthalmologists provide advanced eye care
for residents requiring specialized treatment.

Prescription eyeglasses

After a proper exam and fitting, we deliver
fashionable eyeglasses in 5-7 days.

Direct insurance billing

Visualize bills all residents’ insurance companies
directly so there is no cost to the facility for any
of our services.

Complimentary training

Visualize staff train facility nurses on our
processes and systems to ensure seamless

Eyeglass tagging

Each pair of glasses is tagged with resident
identification to prevent them from getting
lost or misplaced.

Daily Visit

Helps verify doctors’ orders, simplifies
paperwork, and safeguards the entire
process from start to finish.

Onsite eyeglass repair

Repairs are done on the spot so residents
aren’t left without their glasses.

Fashionable Frames

Visualize offers a broad range of stylish
eyeglass frames for residents to choose from.